Accommodation at home

fixed prices all year round


Our hotel is opened all year and we welcome your dogs and cats, anytime you need!

Accommodation inside house heated in winter season.

In our hotel, each dog has its own place with their individual bedding, access to water at all times and of course meals as agreed with the owner.

We know how important excercise is for your dog, so our canine guests enjoy daily walk with possiblity of running around our own huge, enclosed and secured area.

Cats occupy a separate space where they can climb, sharpen their claws and rest peacefully.

They are provided with constant access to water.

We are in a contact with the owners and we keep them informed about their pets’ behaviour.
In case of emergency, we call the vet immediately or we take the pet to our partner pet clinic.

Why should you choose us?


ul. Kąpielowa 13

  • best location
  • good access from every part of the city
  • 300metres from Zakopiańska Street near Swoszowice train station
  • 1km from the Krakow bypass
  • 2km from Borek Fałęcki
  • Hotel is located in a green neighborhood


Heatwaves, rainy days or freezing winter, we are prepared for all weather, and keep optimal temperature throughout the year.

We provide:

  • all-year care of pets
  • accommodation only, at our wool insulated home equipped with the gas central heating
  • flexible charge for the hotel day
  • feeding animals as agreed with the owner


We know that it is on days off work, long weekends and bank holidays that you need our help the most, which is why our prices are fixed all year round.

We are also flexible in the calculation of a hotel day, knowing that the mode of work does not always allow to pick up the animal at the same time at which it was brought.

  • payment for the nights spent at the hotel,
    not for the hours
  • fixed prices throughout the year



  • 5% discount for stays over 10 days
  • transport within krakow 50 PLN
    (longer distances price to be agreed)
  • payment in advance 100%

hotel rules

The Dog and Friends Hotel accepts healthy pets with the valid vaccination certificates (kennel cough, infectious diseases, against rabies), dewormed and protected against fleas and ticks. For the stay at the hotel, please equip the dog with a collar and leash. Pets’ blanket, material with the scent of the house and favorite toys will make their stay more pleasant.

We offer each dog individual, comfortable pen with a bedding  inside our house. The pens are cleaned and disinfected after each hotel guest.
We have various sizes of pens: 100x130cm, 100x150cm, 160x150cm.

The dogs are being taken out for a walk at least 3 times a day under the supervision of the Dog and Friends Hotel’s employees.

To cats we offer a safe space in the other part of the house. Each cat gets a shelter, its own litter box and scratchposts.
The size of the cat pen is 110x80x60cm.

Pets are fed according to individual arrangements with the owner and have constant access to fresh water.

No additional charges for adding the medicine to the food (if necessary and agreed with the owner).

We are in a contact with the ownerand inform them about the pets’ behavior. In case of emergency, we call the vet at once or we take the pet to our partner pet clinic.

The payment for the stay is charged on the day of the pet’s arrival to the Dog and Friends Hotel.

Splitting the payment in two installments Possible at the discretion of the management.

Small and medium-sized dog – weight up to 15 kg.

Large dog – weight over 15 kg.

We encourage you to read the terms of the agreement.


  • sick animals
  • aggressive dogs, fearful, not keeping clean
  • uncastrated cats



ul. Kąpielowa 13, 30-434 Kraków

783 619 304

We are at your disposal
every day at hours:

8 AM – 10 AM
5 PM – 7 PM

You can reach us any time by phone.

BNP Paribas
91 1750 0012 0000 0000 3287 8652

bank account number:

BNP Paribas
91 1750 0012 0000 0000 3287 8652